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Construction Trades Project Requests

West Shore Construction Requests
The West Shore Construction Trades class welcomes community projects for their training program. Projects accepted are determined by the program instructor based on project scope and schedule availability, as well as alignment to the program's curriculum. Scheduling permits students will be on a worksite for approximately 2 hours per day. In addition, this schedule is dependent on the distance/travel time from Lakewood High School. Start date and time to complete projects are subject to change due to the school calendar (students are only permitted work when school is in session), academic requirements and inclement weather.

For garage projects, a foundation must already be in place. Homeowners are also responsible for the purchase of all building materials. The supplier of materials is at the homeowner’s discretion, however West Shore recommends Cleveland Lumber.

Contractor services are NOT provided by the West Shore Construction Trades program or the instructor. Homeowners are required to obtain all applicable permits.

Lakewood residents can visit for additional information.

A $500 donation to the West Shore Construction Trades program is due upon completion of the project and City inspections.

Other Projects:
Interested in having the West Shore Career-Technical Construction Trades class complete a project for you? Please email and provide details regarding your project. Our instructor will let you know if your project is within the scope of the class's abilities and, if so, where your project falls on the program’s waitlist.