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Coordinator's Message

William DiMascio




Greetings West Shore Families,

I would like to welcome all of our new students/families to West Shore, as well as welcome back all of our returning students! Did you know that West Shore Career-Tech has been providing educational opportunities to the Bay, River, Westlake and Lakewood communities for 51 years?!  We are so excited that you all have chosen one of West Shore’s programs as a pathway to your educational and career success. 

Be determined to make the most of your opportunities here at the West Shore. This begins with excellent attendance--show up on time (this means early!). Be ready to put in the hard work in and out of the classroom/labs. And perhaps most importantly--be nice in all your interactions. We promise to make the same commitments to you!

Masks and following the district's COVID-19 protocols allow us the best opportunity to be in-person. We know being in-person is the best way to experience career-tech.  Please follow the protocols with fidelity and we will adapt and adjust if needed. 

We want to hear from our students and families. Please give us a call at 216-529-4163 or email anytime you have any question or concern.


William DiMascio
Principal/Coordinator CTE